Smoking Velociraptor NFTs

Poster of our smoking Velociraptor NFTs
Poster of our smoking Velociraptor NFTs

A few days ago we launched our first 3 velociraptor NFTs. Two of those are already sold, thank you for everyone who purchased from us! Today we want to add 3 new raptors to our collection: Ramsey, Jeffrey and Burke.

All of the velociraptors will be unique (minted once), so if you purchase it, you will be the sole owner of that NFT. All raptors are as well drawn by hand, they’re not computer generated.

Velociraptor NFTs Drop

Our Raptors: Jeffrey, Ramsey and Burke

The next 3 velociraptors we introduce to you are Burke, Jeffrey and Ramsey. You can see them below.

Ramsey, smoking Velociraptor NFT

34 – Ramsey ♂️

Supply: 1 (🖤)

Jeffrey, smoking Velociraptor NFT

35 – Jeffrey ♂️

Supply: 1 (🖤)

Burke, Velociraptor NFT with hat

36 – Burke ♂️

Supply: 1 (🖤)

All 3 of those raptors are NFTs with special traits. Because of those traits, the price is a bit higher then from our other raptors.

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Purchasing one of our Velociraptor NFTs

If you’re interested in purchasing one of our raptors, they’ve been put on sale in our store on OpenSea. The price will be 0.035 ETH for Ramsey or Jeffrey and 0.030 ETH for Burke.

The price of our raptors is calculated as follows: 0.025 ETH base price for the raptor + 0.005 ETH for each trait the raptor has. Ramsey and Jeffrey have 2 traits, Burke only 1.

Poster of our smoking Velociraptor NFTs
Poster of our smoking Velociraptor NFTs

📝 Note: All of our NFTs have 5% royalties. This means that on each transaction that’s made, 5% of the proceeds go back to our account. Those royalty fees will be used to pay for our expenses (domain, website, SSL certificate…) after minting has stopped.

NFT Minting on Polygon (no Gas)

Our NFTs are minted on OpenSea. They’re on the Polygon blockchain, this means there won’t be any gas fee that needs to be paid when purchasing them.

Polygon is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to solve the issues Ethereum currently has: speed and price. Polygon transactions only take seconds and cost a few cents.