FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

About our NFTs

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s a data unit stored on the blockchain that’s non-fungible. That means that 1 NFT is not the same as another NFT.

There are different examples of NFTs. Some use cases are images (photos, art…), videos, audio… The blockchain keeps track of who owns the item (proof of ownership) and of the full chain of custody of each NFT.

For a further read, check Wikipedia.

Fungible VS non-fungible tokens

Below some simple examples to explain the difference between a fungible and non-fungible token, to explain the concept.

An example of a fungible token is 1 dollar. 1 dollar can be swapped for another dollar, both are of equal value.

An example of something non-fungible is a cat. One cat can not just be swapped for another cat.

What token standard is used for Cryptosaurs?

Our Cryptosaurs (dinosaur NFTs) are ERC1155 tokens. Technically our NFTs are semi-fungible. More copies of the same NFT can exist. Our website details how many of each NFT exist. We’ll never mint more.

This token standard has some advantages that were of use to us: we can mint multiple copies of the same item, keeping the price low so everyone can buy. Furthermore it allows users to hold multiple copies of the same token.

More information on Medium.

On what blockchain is Cryptosaurs?

We mint our NFTs on Polygon. Polygon is a layer-2 scaling solution on Ethereum. By minting on Polygon we can avoid expensive gas fees. Transactions on Polygon cost less than $0.01 and are paid in MATIC.

If you need MATIC to buy a Cryptosaur (or something else), you can visit the Matic Faucet and get some free Matic for gas fees.

Where can I buy/sell Cryptosaurs?

Always buy them from our official store page on OpenSea. You can also list them for sale on OpenSea if you feel like you no longer want them.

Are there royalties on Cryptosaurs?

As many of our NFTs are handed out for free, we decided to implement a 5% royalty fee. This means that on each transaction that’s made, 5% of the proceeds go back to our account. Those royalty fees will be used to pay for our expenses (domain, website, SSL certificate…).


Metamask, Matic Explorer…

I can’t see my Cryptosaur in Metamask

Our tokens are ERC1155 tokens. Metamask doesn’t support ERC1155 tokens yet. According to the Metamask website, support is coming in quarter 4 of 2021.

How about Matic Explorer?

Same issue as with Metamask. ERC1155 tokens aren’t displayed in Matic explorer. I couldn’t find any article on the roadmap to add an extra tab to display ERC1155 transactions at the time of writing.

Where can I see my NFTs then?

You can see the dinosaur NFTs you own, and other NFTs you hold in your wallet on OpenSea. This is quite easy to do, and no account is needed. Open the link below, that’s our Cryptosaur wallet:


Then in that link, replace the latter part (0x89d23c4271d51e8030442ad1f16027cca66f025a) by your wallet address, and you’ll see the NFTs you hold, including ERC1155 tokens.