Our NFT Collections

Cryptosaurs – Dinosaur NFT Collections

In 2021 we decided to create Cryptosaurs, our dinosaur NFT collection. We love NFTs. NFTs have been an important part of the crypto market for the past years but have really been exploding in 2021. Many artists found their way into NFTs and launched their own collections. Some NFTs even sold for millions of dollars!

But we believe there are a few issues with the current market. First of all, there is a lot of demand for NFTs. NFTs often sell for prices ranging from $100 to several 1000s of dollars. This makes the entry quite steep for new investors. Next to that, there are the high Ethereum gas fees. You get nothing in return for that, it’s just ‘lost’ money.


Sam and Sheila dinosaur NFTs

We believe change is needed: NFTs should be for everyone, and it should be fun to collect them without tons of cash! That’s why we created Cryptosaurs, a dinosaur themed NFT collection.

Our goal is to make NFTs accessible and affordable to anyone. Everyone should be able to collect NFTs, without investing a lot of cash, and we strive to achieve that! We also decided to mint on Polygon. As a result of that, gas fees are just a few cents!

We commit to give away most of our NFTs for free, or sell them for a few $! We’ll do regular giveaways on our socials, so make sure to follow us on Discord, Instagram and Twitter!

Our Polygon NFT Collections

Cryptosaurs dinosaur nft collections

Cryptosaurs – Dinosaur NFTS

Cryptosaurs is our main collection, featuring all of our dinosaur NFTS. There is the base set with 30 affordable dinosaurs, unique velociraptors, Spinosaurus NFTS…

Finns Punks dinosaur punk nfts

Finns Punks – Dinosaur Punks

Finns Punks is a spin off of the Cryptosaurs collection, with 10,000 dinosaur punks. Each of the original Crypto Punks will be remade as Finn, our dinosaur.

Mint doodle eggs NFTs

Doodle Dinos – Doodle Eggs

Doodle eggs are a promotional campaign for our future doodle dinos series. Mint one for the low price of 0.3 MATIC and support our doodle dino collection.


Tezos NFT Collections

New Babylon Tezos NFT collection Cover

New Babylon

New Babylon is a story driven NFT collection with AI generated artwork and community driven choices.

Buy NFTS on objkt.com

Stegosaurus gif


Stegos is our NFT collection on Tezos. In this collection we create fun drawings of stegosaurus NFTS with frequent free drops!

Stegos on Objkt.com

Dinosaur walking through pumpkin field


Celebrate Halloween with one of our AI generated dinosaur themed Halloween art pieces. 33 pieces, each one unique (1/1).

NFT shop on Tezos


Our Other NFT Collections

An overview of our other NFT collections. Most of these were free drops to owners or free to mint NFT collections. Want to be the first to know about our upcoming free mints? Follow our socials.

Christmas Punk NFTS

Finns Christmas Punks

200 Christmas themed dinosaur NFTS given to Punk, raptor and Spinosaurus owners and in a daily giveaway on Twitter (2021).

Emojional Dinosaur 1 - fully On Chain NFT

Emojional Dinosaurs

Collection of 1000 fully on-chain NFTS. Metadata + image are stored on the Polygon blockchain.

Storm of Colors AI generated NFTS

Storm of Colors

AI generated NFT collection. 10.000 free to mint NFTS. Collect all 20 different Storms. Some are rare.

The Shadow Void

The Shadow Void

AI generated ERC-1155 contract with 50 different NFT designs.


Partner NFT Collections

Can’t find the NFT you’re looking for in one of our dinosaur NFT collections? Then check our partner collections.

Nightmare on NFT Street banner

Nightmare on NFT Street

AI generated nightmares captured and stored in an NFT.

Polypixel Clan NFT

Polypixel Clan

6000 pixel profile pictures launched as a free mint on Polygon.

Doodle Dinos

Stake your doodle dino NFT and mint NFT comic books. Star and earn Oscars.