Twitter Suspended Update

Poster of our Twitter ban and new social media
Poster of our Twitter ban and new social media

As you may have noticed, since about a week our Twitter account has been suspended. We’ve been trying to get in contact with Twitter to lift the suspension, but so far without succes. In this post we’ll give a short update on the matter and how we plan to proceed.

Why Were we Suspended?

I believe, based on the email we received from Twitter, that we were suspended because of a violation of the cross-posting rule. In this case, you use multiple Twitter accounts to post about the same subject (Cryptosaurs in this case). This is not allowed.

I used my personal account (that I use for airdrops) to retweet some of the messages from our Cryptosaurs Twitter. Also my wife did want to get her hands on one of the Cryptosaur NFTs, so she joined a few giveaways. I’d imagine, as this is from the same IP, this’d have triggered a flag as cross-posting as well.

The Suspension Email from Twitter

When your Twitter account is suspended, you can make an appeal to lift the suspension. We did that (several times now) and continue to get the same reply:


We’re writing to let you know that your account has been suspended––and will remain suspended––due to multiple or repeat violations of our rules

We don’t allow the following behaviors on Twitter: 

  • Creating serial and/or multiple accounts with overlapping uses
  • Evading a permanent suspension by creating or using another account
  • Cross-posting Tweets or links across multiple accounts
  • Aggressive following, particularly through automated means

Please do not reply to this email or send us new appeals for this account as we won’t monitor them.



We do understand that we violated the cross-posting rule. The other rules we didn’t violate as far as we’re concerned.

I did file a few appeals already to lift the suspension, but so far no luck with that. There is no other way to get in contact with Twitter. There is no contact email or anything. So apart from the appeals there is not a lot we can do. We continue to try and get the suspension lifted.

When browsing the internet I found a lot of other people who had the same issue. Apparently it’s quite difficult, once you’re flagged, to get the suspension lifted.

How will we Continue?

When we started Cryptosaurs, we made the mistake to only focus on Twitter. We only have a followers base on Twitter, making it difficult for us to reach our audience.

We’ll be changing that, and expand to other social networks. For starters, we’re now live on two more social networks: Instagram and Discord. Make sure to join us there, to continue to be updated on our project!

Poster of our Twitter ban and new social media
Poster of our Twitter ban and new social media

NFT Giveaway on Discord

One of our core values is to give away a lot of NFTs for free. This will be quite challenging without Twitter, where this was fairly easy to organize. We’re looking into alternatives.

Our next giveaway will be on our Discord. Once we have some members on our Discord, we’ll be giving away some NFT for free. So make sure to join!

Stay tuned and keep checking our website for more updates. We’ll continue to work on creating the next dinosaurs and will continue to update you on our blog.