Welcome to Cryptosaurs – Dinosaur NFTS

Hi there πŸ‘‹ and welcome to Cryptosaurs. We’re indie NFT creators aiming to bring affordable NFTS to everyone to facilitate mass NFT adoption. We’re doing this by pledging to continue to bring low cost or even free NFTS.

To aid our goal we implemented a different strategy. We focus on inclusion rather then exclusion. We don’t aim on an ever increasing floor price πŸ’², instead we aim on the ability to ‘catch them all’ by making our dinosaurs affordable. Our big inspiration to this is how PokΓ©mon cards work. They wouldn’t be the same if there was just 1 Pikachu.

Our NFTS start from just a few $ and are minted on Polygon to keep gas fees low.

Sam and Sheila dinosaur NFTs

Our Dinosaur NFT Collections

Cryptosaurs dinosaurs

Cryptosaurs – Dinosaur NFTS

Cryptosaurs is our main collection, featuring all of our dinosaur NFTS. There is the base set with 30 affordable dinosaurs, unique velociraptors, Spinosaurus NFTS…

Finns Punks gif

Finns Punks – Dinosaur Punks

Finns Punks is a spin off of the Cryptosaurs collection, with 10,000 dinosaur punks. Each of the original Crypto Punks will be remade as Finn, our dinosaur.


What’s Happening in the Dinosaur NFT World?

  • Free NFT on Objkt.com (Tezos)
    A few days ago we introduces you to our NFT collection on Tezos marketplace objkt.com. Our collection there, Stegos, focusses on offering cheap NFTS to everyone. And we got a free NFT to give away today. So join our NFT giveaway and claim one (or multiple) for free! Why We Joined Tezos? Recently OpenSea has… Continue reading Free NFT on Objkt.com (Tezos)
  • #tezos4tezos NFTS – Stegosaurus Arlo
    In the past few months OpenSea made quite a lot of changes. We are not happy with all of those changes. An example is the minimal listing fee of $5. A change we’re not too happy about, as we want to keep our focus on cheap and affordable NFTS. NFTS available to everyone. Tezos is… Continue reading #tezos4tezos NFTS – Stegosaurus Arlo
  • We Are on YouTube!
    After Instagram, Twitter and Discord, we added one more to our socials: YouTube! Cryptosaurs is now on YouTube as well. Here we will share teasers of our upcoming collections and play-to-earn games planned on our roadmap. Check out our YouTube channel and don’t forget to Subscribe so you’re the first to see our new videos… Continue reading We Are on YouTube!

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