Welcome to Cryptosaurs

Poster of Cryptosaurs introducing Matt
Poster welcome to Cryptosaurs

Hi there and welcome to Cryptosaurs! Cryptosaurs is a dinosaur NFT project. In this letter we want to introduce you to our project and the different collections we have.

A Welcome Gift: Matt the Stegosaurus

To introduce more people to Cryptosaurs, we have handed out 100 stegosaurus NFTs to random people who made a recent purchase on OpenSea. We used the activity log to find those addresses.

This NFT is a welcome gift to the Cryptosaurs project. Attached to the NFT there is this welcome letter. Meet Matt, our green Stegosaurus below!

Matt, green Stegosaurus NFT saying Hi!

151 – Matt ♂️

Supply: 200 (💛)

In total Matt is minted 200 times, all of them will be handed out randomly to people who made recent purchases on OpenSea with the goal to have them check out our NFT marketplace and introduction letter.

Our Dinosaur NFT Project

We love NFTs. NFTs have been a part of the crypto market for the past years but have really been exploding quite recently. Most NFT projects at the moment are avatar projects, but a great future lies ahead with gamification of NFTs, allowing users to truly own their assets.

We believe there are a few issues with the current market. NFTs often sell for prices ranging from $100 to several 1000s of dollars. This makes the entry quite steep for new investors. Next to that, there are the high Ethereum gas fees. You get nothing in return for that, it’s just ‘lost’ money.


We believe change is needed: NFTs should be for everyone, and it should be fun to collect them without tons of cash! That’s why we created Cryptosaurs, a dinosaur themed NFT collection.

Our goal is to make NFTs accessible and affordable to anyone. Everyone should be able to collect NFTs, without investing a lot of cash, and we strive to achieve that! We also decided to mint on Polygon. As a result of that, gas fees are just a few cents!

Our Dinosaur NFT Collections

To reach this goal, we have set up 2 different collections: the base set (high mint amounts, collectable dinosaur NFTs) and the velociraptor set (minted just once, unique NFTs).

Next to that there will be special dinosaurs, such as Matt. Other special dinosaurs will be minted on special occasions, such as Christmas.

Finn green dinosaur

Dinosaur NFTs base set – Collect all 30 dinosaurs

Check our dinosaur NFTs base set

Ace green Velociraptor

Velociraptor NFTs – 100 uniquely minted raptor NFTs

Check our Velociraptor NFTs

Matt, green Stegosaurus NFT saying Hi!

Special Dinosaurs – Special occasion dinosaur NFTs

Check our Special Dinosaur NFTs

More collections have been planned, but the details of those collections will be revealed later. Currently our focus is on expanding the base set and velociraptor NFT collection.

Poster of Cryptosaurs introducing Matt
Poster welcome to Cryptosaurs

Purchasing Dinosaurs

NFT Shop on OpenSea

If you’re interested in purchasing one of our raptors, they’ve been put on sale in our store on OpenSea. The price ranges from 1 DAI or 0.0005 ETH for the cheapest dinosaur currently on offer up until 0.035 ETH, for the most expensive velociraptor NFTs.

NFT Minting on Polygon (no Gas)

Our NFTs are minted on OpenSea. They’re on the Polygon blockchain, this means there won’t be any gas fee that needs to be paid when purchasing them.

Polygon is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to solve the issues Ethereum currently has: speed and price. Polygon transactions only take seconds and cost a few cents.