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The Shadow Void

Our upcoming free to mint NFT collection, the Shadow Void, is a collection of 15000 completely free NFTS open to everyone. We at Cryptosaurs have set our goal for 2022 to make NFTS fun and cheap. We aim to achieve this goal through our pledge to give away 100.000 free NFTS in 2022.

Review of our Last Free Collection

The last free mint we did here at Cryptosaurs, was Storm of Colors. Storm of Colors is an AI generated NFT collection of 20 different storms. This mint was achieved well by lots of free minters and we saw a lot of new people who entered our Discord, Twitter and Instagram to connect with our community.

The Shadow Void NFT #1
The Shadow Void NFT #1
The Shadow Void NFT #2
The Shadow Void NFT #2
The Shadow Void NFT #3
The Shadow Void NFT #3

But the mint also came with the necessary challenges. For starters people didn’t seem to like the name of the collection on top of the actual NFTS. We ran a poll on Twitter and 75% of all voters would prefer to just stick to the actual art. And so we listened, no more logo on our new collection.

Next up is the messy structure of having multiple copies of the same NFT all displayed separately. We solved this as well. Our next mint will be using the ERC-1155 token standard. More on this below.

So to summarize, we’re really excited about this new collection. It’s completely free, we processed the feedback provided to improve the collection and there will be a lot more artworks!

ERC-1155 as Token Standard

In this collection we didn’t work with the classic ERC-721 token standard. Instead we decided to work with an ERC-1155 token standard. The ERC-1155 token standard has several benefits over ERC-721.

ERC-1155 is also referred to as the multi-token standard. Shortly this means you can have multiple copies of the same NFT. This is a bit in contradiction with a classic NFT, as there can only be 1 copy of each NFT. You can see it as semi-fungible tokens.

Fungible VS Non-Fungible

An NFT is a non-fungible token (e.g. a unique piece of art). Typically NFT contracts are written in the ERC-721 token standard. An ERC-20 token (e.g. 1 bitcoin) is fungible. They’re using a different token standard as they have different characteristics.

Fungible means you can change 1 of those tokens for another 1. My bitcoin is as good as your bitcoin. Assuming we both have 2 BTC, if we swap our coins, we neither win, nor lose. Both tokens have the same value, so they’re fungible.

With an NFT this is typically not the case. I could hold a rare blue Finn Punk, while you hold another, green one. If we’d swap those, I’d not be happy, while you would be quite pleased. They’re non-fungible as they’re not the same. Even though they can belong to the same collection.

Semi Fungible Tokens

So far we had the option to create a fungible token and a non-fungible token. But this doesn’t always cover what’s required. For some collections a combination is needed. And also for our new collection, The Shadow Void.

Each of the tokens in a semi fungible token contract is fungible if you hold a token of the same number (art piece #1 from me = art piece #1 of you) but not with another number (art piece #1 from me <> art piece #2 of you). There can be multiple copies of the same NFT.

If you want to read more on this topic, you can check the EIP-1155 multi token standard article on the Ethereum website for some great details.

The Shadow Void NFT #4
The Shadow Void NFT #4
The Shadow Void NFT #5
The Shadow Void NFT #5
The Shadow Void NFT #6
The Shadow Void NFT #6

The Shadow Void NFTS

Now on to the part that most of you will be most interested in! Our free to mint NFT drop that’s coming on February 20th, 2022.

The Shadow Void is an AI generated NFT collection with 50 different designs in the theme of darkness, shadows, void space… It’s a unique collection created by our partner Unborn Crafts. If you like his work, make sure to check his collection Nightmare on NFT Street for AI generated 1/1 NFT nightmares.

Within our collection there will be 15000 NFTS, split across different pieces. In total there are 50 different designs in use.

The Shadow Void Rarities

Within our The Shadow Void collection there are 50 different voids available: 25 common ones, 15 uncommon voids and 10 rare voids.

When minting, you’ll have an 80% chance of minting one of our common voids, 15% chance to mint an uncommon void and 5% chance of minting one of our 10 rare ones.

Rarity# of Voids# of Different VoidsSupply / Void*ChanceChance / Void
Common12,000 / 15,00025± 48080%3.2%
Uncommon2250 / 15,00015± 15015%1%
Rare750 / 15,00010± 755%0.5%
Rarity table with chances to mint the different Shadow Voids

* Supply / void is an estimate as the smart contract determines which storm (randomly) is assigned and they’re not picked upfront. Chances are there will be more/less voids of a certain number as from others, but this will only be visible after all are minted.

Minting The Shadow Void NFTS

Minting an NFT from our The Shadow Void collection will be possible as from February 20th 2022 at 11 AM CET. You can find the full minting details below.

When minting, you will always mint 3 voids per transaction. We made this change to save gas and increase distribution amongst the people who mint.

Minting details:

NFTS can be minted on our minting site.

Collection Information

All NFTS of the Storm of Colors collection are created by Unborn Crafts. If you like those NFTS, check out their collection Nightmare on NFT Street for AI generated 1/1 NFT nightmares.

Purchase NFTS on OpenSea

Missed the mint? Or want to get your hands on one of the voids you didn’t get when minting? Check The Shadow Void on OpenSea to get your favorite one.

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