#tezos4tezos NFTS – Stegosaurus Arlo

Stegosaurus Arlo with Balloon
Stegosaurus Arlo with Balloon - Submission for Tezos4Tezos event

In the past few months OpenSea made quite a lot of changes. We are not happy with all of those changes. An example is the minimal listing fee of $5. A change we’re not too happy about, as we want to keep our focus on cheap and affordable NFTS. NFTS available to everyone. Tezos is kind of an underdog in the NFT market, but they got a great #tezos4tezos event ongoing now.

Because of the recent changes of OpenSea, and the conflict with our goals, we’ve been looking for alternatives. And we’re happy to announce we’re now on Tezos as well! Our Cryptosaurs collection of course will stay!

Tezos Collection Stegos

Our new collection on Tezos is a Stegosaurus drawing collection. In this collection we’ll mint several dinosaurs. Many of those dinosaurs will be free or cheap to collect. So keep an eye open and make sure to get your free dinosaur NFTS when they’re listed!

If you’re on Tezos, check our Stegos collection on objkt.com and get one of our stegosaurus NFTS. There is a free one listed and another one for the #Tezos4Tezos event.

Getting a Tezos Wallet

If you never used Tezos before and are interested in joining, you’ll need a wallet. For Tezos you can’t use Metamask, so you’ll need another one such as Kukai.

Kukai is a great wallet for Tezos and is a web based wallet. So no need to install any browser extension. You can check the Tezos website for more information on Tezos wallets.

After installing a wallet, you’ll need some XTZ to pay for transaction fees and NFTS you wish to purchase. The simplest way to get XTZ (Tezos) is to buy it on an exchange and transfer it to your Tezos wallet. After doing that you’re ready to go!

#tezos4tezos Event

The #tezos4tezos event is an event with a double purpose. First of all it’s created to support artists on Tezos. Second, it’s to promote Tezos as a clean blockchain for NFTS.

Everyone joining the #tezos4tezos event has to create an NFT on any Tezos marketplace with 100 editions. And then list those editions for sale for a price between 0.1 ($0.25) and 1 XTZ ($2.50).

We at Cryptosaurs, created an NFT for the #tezos4tezos event as well. If you’re interested, our stegosaurus NFT is available on objkt.com for 0.5 XTZ ($1.25). Get Arlo now on objkt.com!

Stegosaurus Arlo with Balloon #tezos4tezos
Stegosaurus Arlo with Balloon – Submission for #Tezos4Tezos event