Tezos NFTS – Stegosaurus

We’re happy to announce that Cryptosaurs is now also creating Dinosaur NFTS on Tezos! Our brand new collection, Stegos, is a collectable collection of Stegosaurus NFTS. All of them are created on objkt.com, our selected Tezos markerplace.

Starting from the end of 2021, OpenSea made quite a lot of changes to their platform. Many of those changes were really good, but we don’t like all of them. An example of such change is the minimal listing fee of $5. We want to keep our focus on cheap and affordable NFTS, and this $5 listing fee is preventing us to sell cheap NFTS. As stated in our mission, our goal is to make NFTS available to everyone.

Because of the recent changes of OpenSea, and the conflict with our goals, we’ve been looking for alternatives. That’s why we’re now creating dinosaur NFTS on Tezos as well! Our Cryptosaurs collection of course will stay.

Tezos NFT Stegosaurus Arlo with Balloon
Stegosaurus Arlo with Balloon

Stegosaurus NFTS on Tezos

Our collection on Tezos is called Stegos. Stegos is a stegosaurus NFT collection where we’ll feature different versions of our stegosaurus. You can check our collection on objkt.com, our selected Tezos NFT marketplace.

We’re currently dropping our baby stegosaurus NFTS. After 30 NFTS we’ll create our adult stegosaurs. By clicking on one of the galleries below, you can view all Stegos.

Question Mark

Adult Stegos (#31 – 60)

Question Mark


The gallery above is just the beginning. We have many more plans for our NFTS on Tezos. Other dinosaurs, mutations… We’re also open to suggestions, so make sure to send us your ideas!

Buy our Dinosaurs on Objkt

If you are on Tezos, make sure to check out our Stegos collection. Our NFTS are for sale on objkt.com. As with our other collections, we want to make them affordable to anyone!

Buy now on objtk.com

Many of our stegosaurus NFTS will be available for free, so make sure to follow us on our socials!