Tezos NFTS – Stegosaurus

We’re happy to announce that Cryptosaurs is now also creating Dinosaur NFTS on Tezos! Our brand new collection, Stegos, is a collectable collection of Stegosaurus NFTS. All of them are created on objkt.com, our selected Tezos markerplace.

Starting from the end of 2021, OpenSea made quite a lot of changes to their platform. Many of those changes were really good, but we don’t like all of them. An example of such change is the minimal listing fee of $5. We want to keep our focus on cheap and affordable NFTS, and this $5 listing fee is preventing us to sell cheap NFTS. As stated in our mission, our goal is to make NFTS available to everyone.

Because of the recent changes of OpenSea, and the conflict with our goals, we’ve been looking for alternatives. That’s why we’re now creating dinosaur NFTS on Tezos as well! Our Cryptosaurs collection of course will stay.

Tezos NFT Stegosaurus Arlo with Balloon
Stegosaurus Arlo with Balloon

Stegosaurus NFTS on Tezos

Our collection on Tezos is called Stegos. Stegos is a stegosaurus NFT collection where we’ll feature different versions of our stegosaurus. You can check our collection on objkt.com, our selected Tezos NFT marketplace.

Stegosaurus Nacho
#1 Nacho – Our first baby Stegosaurus. Nacho is now 4 weeks old and likes to play with leaves and branches. Free drop to celebrate launch.
Stegosaurus Arlo with Balloon
# 2 Arlo – Arlo is still young and likes to play. He just got a new balloon and is walking around with the balloon. Submission for Tezos4Tezos event.
Stegosaurus nr 3 - Bones
#3 Bones – Bones seems like a very sweet, young dinosaur, but he has a dark side. Do you see his dark side? Fear4tez event submission, free to claim.
Lilly Hawaii stegosaurus
#4 Lilly – Little baby girl that’s craaaaazy about flowers. Lilly is a baby stegosaurus and when she’s grown up, she’d love to visit Hawaii!
Ethosaurus stegosaurus NFT that loves Ethereum
#5 Ethosaurus – Our little dinosaur just loves Ethereum! Ethosaurus was first released as a pixel dinosaur in the Cryptosaurs collection on OpenSea.
Hailey free NFT on Tezos
#6 Hailey – Hailey is a cute baby stegosaurus. Hailey is an adorable baby stegosaur. She’s just so cute that she’s loved by all other dinosaurs! Free to claim.
Buck army stegosaurus NFT on Tezos
#7 Buck – Buck loves to play as a soldier. When Buck grows up, he wants to join the army and defend all dinosaurs!
Hiroki, Japanese samurai dinosaur
#8 Hiroki – Baby stegosaurus that loves to become a Japanese samurai. He’s been dressing up as a samurai all year. Submission for the #TezosJaponica event.
Mina pride unicorn rainbow stegosaurus dinosaur
#9 Mina – Our pride stegosaurus. Our 2022 tribute to pride month. The name comes from the Japanese word Mina, which means everything. Free to claim.
Rosy pink unicorn dinosaurus
#10 Rosy – 2nd pride stegosaurus and can be won by claiming a free Mina stegosaurus and joining our Twitter giveaway. It’s our 2022 tribute to pride month.
Maya baby stegosaurus
#11 Maya – Our newborn baby girl! Isn’t she the cutest baby stegosaurus ever? Just a few days old, but so adorable!
Todd stegosaurus nfts
#12 Todd – Newborn baby boy 👶! He’s 4 days old now and he still sleeps a lot. He likes to chew on his pacifier, but he’s really tired now… Bedtime!
Baby stegosaurus NFT on the beach with a ball
#13 Jake – Summer time! And stegosaurus Jake is so ready for it! He just got some lovely shades as a present from his mom. Being the coolest dinosaur of the pack, he loves to play with his ball on the beach.
Dinosaur watching the sunset
#14 Chrissy – Our baby stegosaurus Chrissy walked to the lake to watch the sunrise between the palm trees and the birds. Such a joy!
Dinosaur on the beach with a surf board
#15 Hoff – Ready for the summer season. Sunglasses, check. Surf board, check. Beautiful weather, check. What more does he need? Submission for 1of1 Tezos.
Wizard dinosaur Harry Potter
#16 Harry – Someone tried to kill our poor stegosaurus Harry when he was just a few weeks old. He still has a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt on his head. But now he’s all better and wants to become a wizard 🧙! Expecto Patronum!
Bubbles - Stegosaurus Anglerfish dinosaur
#17 Bubbles – Stegosaurus with a guardian light on his head. When his lantern lights up, he’s never scared! Inspired by the anglerfish.
Sad dinosaur with industrial pollution turning into happy dinosaur with clean wind energy
#18 Happy – Submission for the #trashart event on Tezos in July 2022. See how our unhappy dinosaur in the trash environment becomes happy as the trash is cleaned and the energy becomes renewable.
Stegosaurus Greg creating graffiti art
#19 Greg – Greg is our graffiti spraying dinosaur who just made a painting on the concrete wall of a building. He loves to make a great spray paint!
Joelle the Christmas stegosaurus dinosaur NFT
#20 Joelle – Joelle is so ready for Christmas 🎅. It’s her favorite time of the year! Oh! You better watch out, you better not cry. Better not pout, I’m telling you why. Santa Claus is comin’ to town.
Stegosaurus celebrating new year
#21 Charles – It’s New Year and Charles is ready to party. He’s enjoying the fireworks above the city. Happy New Year everyone!
Vampire stegosaurus dinosaur for Halloween
#22 Chills – Chills is all dressed up in a vampire 🧛 disguise to go trick or treating. He really adores Halloween!
Question Mark
Question Mark

The gallery above is just the beginning. We have many more plans for our NFTS on Tezos. Other dinosaurs, mutations… We’re also open to suggestions, so make sure to send us your ideas!

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If you are on Tezos, make sure to check out our Stegos collection. Our NFTS are for sale on objkt.com. As with our other collections, we want to make them affordable to anyone!

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