Tezos NFT Collection New Babylon

Bedroom with a painting above the bed, red color accents
Day 1 - 9:35 AM

We’re proud to announce that we’re launching a new NFT collection on Tezos. Our new NFT collection New Babylon is a story driven collection with AI generated artwork and community driven choices. By polls on our Twitter collectors and other community members can help make choices on how the story progresses.

The Story

New Babylon Tezos NFT collection Cover

It’s the year 2134. Since the digital revolution, earth as we’ve known it no longer exists. Artificial intelligence and robots took over lots of jobs that were in the past done by humans. Poverty on the countryside has been increasing drastically. People have to flock into the so called mega cities to find employment and new purpose.

This is the story of Kate. Kate managed to live in her small country side home for years, but it’s time now for her to move. She’s moving to the mega city called New Babylon. A city known for its many inventions.

New Babylon is an interactive story where the community influences how the story progresses. All images are generated using AI. Follow Kate on her journey into New Babylon and help decide her fate.

First NFT of our Collection

Day 1 – 9:35 AM

Bzzzt bzzzt bzzzt. That damn alarm clock again. 9:35 AM. I’ve been snoozing for more than 30 minutes now. It’s time to wake up. I turn off my alarm and get out of bed. I get dressed and head downstairs to grab some quick breakfast. After that I pack some final things and take my luggage and head outside. Goodbye little house, I’m going to miss you.

Ever since the digital revolution poverty on the countryside has been increasing drastically. I’ve been able to delay my move into the city for quite a while, but today it’s time. I’ve been running low on cash and getting food and medicines has been increasingly more difficult and expensive. And prices just went through the roofs. I too need to follow the flock and head into the city.

Bedroom with a painting above the bed, red color accents
Day 1 – 9:35 AM

Tezos NFT Collection

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