Christmas NFTS

Free Christmas Dinosaur NFTS on Showtime

Over the past few days we’ve dropped a lot of Christmas NFTS. Also last year we created some Christmas NFT drops. In this post we want to give you an overview of all our Xmas NFTS. Our Christmas NFTS are minted on the Polygon or Tezos blockchain. If you feel like collecting one of our… Continue reading Christmas NFTS

Pride NFTS – Support Pride Month

Mina is our pride stegosaurus. It's our 2022 tribute to pride month. The name comes from the Japanese word Mina, which means all or everything.

June is pride month, and we want to show our support by releasing our very first pride NFTS. There will be 2 pride NFTS added to our Stegosaurus NFT collection on Tezos. The first one will be available for free to everyone, and the second one will be given away in a huge giveaway on… Continue reading Pride NFTS – Support Pride Month

Free NFT on (Tezos)

Stegosaurus Nacho - Free NFT on (Tezos)

A few days ago we introduces you to our NFT collection on Tezos marketplace Our collection there, Stegos, focusses on offering cheap NFTS to everyone. And we got a free NFT to give away today. So join our NFT giveaway and claim one (or multiple) for free! Why We Joined Tezos? Recently OpenSea has… Continue reading Free NFT on (Tezos)

Storm of Colors – Free Mint

Storm of Colors AI generated NFTS

January 27th, is the date that we’ll launch our second free to mint collection, Storm of Colors. Storm of Colors is a collection of 20 AI (artificial intelligence) generated NFTS. 10000 people will be able to mint one or multiple of our storms for free. Interested? Then continue reading. Storm of Colors NFT Collection Storm… Continue reading Storm of Colors – Free Mint

On Chain NFTS – Emojional Dinosaurs

Emojional Dinosaur 1

On January 9th, we’ll be launching our first fully on chain NFTS. Emojional dinosaurs are NFTS that are completely on the blockchain. No server or IPFS involved. Why is this so special? How can you get one of those? Continue reading to find out. Emojional Dinosaurs will be free to mint, on Polygon. This will… Continue reading On Chain NFTS – Emojional Dinosaurs

100.000 Free NFTS in 2022

Our pledge for 2022: 100.000 free NFTS

In 2021 Cryptosaurs was born and a lot of NFTS were handed our for free to get more community awareness for our project. We create dinosaur NFTS and we want to make NFTS accessible and fun to collect to lots of people by making them affordable. That’s why we host lots of giveaways and sell… Continue reading 100.000 Free NFTS in 2022

Finns Christmas Punks

Finns Christmas Punk #15

It’s almost Christmas time 🎄 and we decided to create some NFTS in the holiday spirit! Finns Christmas Punks, NFTS of our dinosaur Finn, is a Christmas dinosaur NFTS collection. The primary goal of the collection is to say thank you to all of you. Thank you everyone for your amazing support throughout the year!… Continue reading Finns Christmas Punks

Celebrate Halloween with 1000 free Dinosaur NFTS

Cryptosaurs Halloween Giveaway Poster

Halloween will be around the corner shortly, and we want to celebrate this with you by giving away 1000 free Dinosaur NFTS! If you want to get your hands on one of the 1000 free NFTS, make sure to continue reading. Our Halloween Dinosaur NFTS To celebrate Halloween 🎃, we have created 6 new Halloween… Continue reading Celebrate Halloween with 1000 free Dinosaur NFTS