🦕 Punk NFT Drop

Finn Punk #155

From time to time we add a new punk NFT to our Finns Punks collection. And today we’re adding 5 new ones to the Finns Punks, our dinosaur punk PFP collection! Dinosaur Punk NFT Collection Finns Punks is a dinosaur punk NFT collection. In this collection we recreate each of the original CryptoPunks as a… Continue reading 🦕 Punk NFT Drop

Finns Christmas Punks

Finns Christmas Punk #15

It’s almost Christmas time 🎄 and we decided to create some NFTS in the holiday spirit! Finns Christmas Punks, NFTS of our dinosaur Finn, is a Christmas dinosaur NFTS collection. The primary goal of the collection is to say thank you to all of you. Thank you everyone for your amazing support throughout the year!… Continue reading Finns Christmas Punks

Finns Punks – Dinosaur Punks NFT Collection

Finns Punks Launch Offer

Last Saturday we launched our brand new dinosaur punks collection, Finns Punks. The first 100 of our collection have been listed for sale, starting at 0.001 ETH (around $4 at the time of writing). Finns Punks is a remake of the original Crypto Punks by Larva Labs. In this collection we’ll turn each of the… Continue reading Finns Punks – Dinosaur Punks NFT Collection