Velociraptor NFTs – An Introduction

Poster of our first 3 Velociraptor NFTs

Tomorrow we’ll launch the first NFTs of our Velociraptor collection. All of the velociraptors will be unique. Our raptors will only be minted once, so if you purchase it, you will be the sole owner of that NFT. We hand draw all of our raptors, there is no computer program generating them! This gives us… Continue reading Velociraptor NFTs – An Introduction

NFT Giveaway – Sheila and Sam

Sam and Sheila giveaway poster. Sam and Sheila are stegosaurus NFTs.

During the past week we gave away over 200 pieces of our first dinosaur NFT in more then one giveaway. Now it’s time for another giveaway, and it’s a big one! This time we give away 200 NFTs for free. So join our free drop and win your NFT! Our Free Dinosaur NFTs In this… Continue reading NFT Giveaway – Sheila and Sam