Brachiosaurus NFTs

We’ve added two new dinosaurs to the base dinosaur collection today, our brachiosaurus NFTs. Meet our green brachiosaurus Buck and our red brachiosaurus Ruby. What are Brachiosaurus? Brachiosaurus are species of the sauropod dinosaurs. A brachiosaurus can be very tall. Some were over 20 meters (65 feet) long and almost 10 meters (33 feet) tall.… Continue reading Brachiosaurus NFTs

NFT Lottery: Purchase a Compsognathus and Win

Poster of our Compsognathus dinosaur NFTs. Purchase Aaron for $0.20 and win Naomi.

Today we want to introduce you to our very first Compsognathus dinosaur NFT lottery. We’ve minted 2 new dinosaurs: Aaron and Naomi. Aaron has been listed for sale for just $0.20. This is your chance to collect a cheap NFT and for an opportunity to win a legendary (❤️) NFT! For every purchase of Aaron… Continue reading NFT Lottery: Purchase a Compsognathus and Win

New NFT Drop: Wizard Raptors

Poster of our wizard Velociraptor NFTs

In this NFT drop, we’re adding 4 NFTs to our raptor collection: our wizards! There is a dark magic mage, an energy wizard, an old wizard and an electricity mage. In total 15 out of the 100 velociraptors have been minted! Check our full velociraptor NFT collection for a full overview of all minted raptor… Continue reading New NFT Drop: Wizard Raptors

Welcome to Cryptosaurs

Poster welcome to Cryptosaurs

Hi there and welcome to Cryptosaurs! Cryptosaurs is a dinosaur NFT project. In this letter we want to introduce you to our project and the different collections we have. A Welcome Gift: Matt the Stegosaurus To introduce more people to Cryptosaurs, we have handed out 100 stegosaurus NFTs to random people who made a recent… Continue reading Welcome to Cryptosaurs

New Raptor NFTs Minted: Elementals

Poster of our elemental Velociraptor NFTs

We’re adding the next 3 NFTs to our raptor NFT collection: an electricity, fire and plant velociraptor! In total 11 raptors have been minted now. More NFTs will be coming! In total there will be 100 velociraptors. If you want a bit more background information, check our article on our velociraptor NFT collection introduction. For… Continue reading New Raptor NFTs Minted: Elementals

New NFTs: Mermaid Raptors

Poster of our mermaid Velociraptor NFTs

Today we launch 2 more NFTs in our raptor collection: our mermaid velociraptors! This brings the total amount of minted NFT raptors of our collection to 8. About 10 days ago, we launched our first 3 velociraptor NFTs. After that we launched our smoking velociraptor NFTs. Today we add to that collection again. And more… Continue reading New NFTs: Mermaid Raptors

Smoking Velociraptor NFTs

Poster of our smoking Velociraptor NFTs

A few days ago we launched our first 3 velociraptor NFTs. Two of those are already sold, thank you for everyone who purchased from us! Today we want to add 3 new raptors to our collection: Ramsey, Jeffrey and Burke. All of the velociraptors will be unique (minted once), so if you purchase it, you… Continue reading Smoking Velociraptor NFTs

NFT Giveaway + Thunder, Pteranodon NFT

Evolution NFT Giveaway poster introducing Thunder, our Pteranodon

A few days ago we reached 1000 Twitter followers, and we want to thank you all again for joining us and your support towards Cryptosaurs. As a thank you and to celebrate our 1000 followers, we are launching another NFT giveaway! Thunder, our Pteranodon NFT Before we introduce you to our NFT giveaway, we want… Continue reading NFT Giveaway + Thunder, Pteranodon NFT

Velociraptor NFTs – An Introduction

Poster of our first 3 Velociraptor NFTs

Tomorrow we’ll launch the first NFTs of our Velociraptor collection. All of the velociraptors will be unique. Our raptors will only be minted once, so if you purchase it, you will be the sole owner of that NFT. We hand draw all of our raptors, there is no computer program generating them! This gives us… Continue reading Velociraptor NFTs – An Introduction