On Chain NFTS – Emojional Dinosaurs

Emojional Dinosaur 1

On January 9th, we’ll be launching our first fully on chain NFTS. Emojional dinosaurs are NFTS that are completely on the blockchain. No server or IPFS involved. Why is this so special? How can you get one of those? Continue reading to find out. Emojional Dinosaurs will be free to mint, on Polygon. This will… Continue reading On Chain NFTS – Emojional Dinosaurs

Christmas NFTS – Xmas Punks

Finns Christmas Punk #15

It’s almost Christmas time 🎄 and we decided to create some NFTS in the holiday spirit! Finns Christmas Punks, NFTS of our dinosaur Finn, is a Christmas dinosaur NFT collection. The primary goal of the collection is to say thank you to all of you. Thank you everyone for your amazing support throughout the year!… Continue reading Christmas NFTS – Xmas Punks

Black Friday NFT Deal

Black Friday NFT deal poster

We have a Black Friday NFT deal for you! Black Friday is a day that’s known in most of the world for the crazy deals that can be made. And we don’t want to miss out on that. We’ve created a special dinosaur especially for this occasion and we have come up with a CRAAAAZY… Continue reading Black Friday NFT Deal

Finns Punks – Dinosaur Punks NFT Collection

Finns Punks Launch Offer

Last Saturday we launched our brand new dinosaur punks collection, Finns Punks. The first 100 of our collection have been listed for sale, starting at 0.001 ETH (around $4 at the time of writing). Finns Punks is a remake of the original Crypto Punks by Larva Labs. In this collection we’ll turn each of the… Continue reading Finns Punks – Dinosaur Punks NFT Collection

Collaboration with RetroCarts

Compsognathus escaped in Jurassic World styled NFT

After our very successful collaboration with Crypto Goons, it’s time for Cryptosaurs to announce the next collaboration. This time we’re collaborating with RetroCarts to bring some cool mixed NFTS of carts and dinos! What are RetroCarts? RetroCarts is an OpenSea collection of pixel styled carts. The carts are themed with various movies, shows… They got… Continue reading Collaboration with RetroCarts

Celebrate Halloween with 1000 free Dinosaur NFTS

Cryptosaurs Halloween Giveaway Poster

Halloween will be around the corner shortly, and we want to celebrate this with you by giving away 1000 free Dinosaur NFTS! If you want to get your hands on one of the 1000 free NFTS, make sure to continue reading. Our Halloween Dinosaur NFTS To celebrate Halloween 🎃, we have created 6 new Halloween… Continue reading Celebrate Halloween with 1000 free Dinosaur NFTS

Spinosaurus NFTS – Milestone 2

Spinosaurus Roadmap - Shows all unlockable NFTS when certain amounts of Spinosaurus have been sold

Less than 1 month after the launch of our Spinosaurus NFTS, the first 100 have been sold out! This means that all 100 Spinosaurs without any special trait have now been sold. Thanks a lot to everyone who collected one! Roadmap Milestone 2 Met For the Spinosaurus NFT collection there is a dedicated roadmap. At… Continue reading Spinosaurus NFTS – Milestone 2

Triceratops NFT Trixie

Meet our Triceratops Trixie - Dinosaur NFT Poster

We’ve just added the next dinosaur NFT to the base set of dinosaurs, a Triceratops! Our new Triceratops is named Trixie, and she’s the 8th dinosaur of the base collection. More on that later, but first a short update of the developments of the past week. Over the last weeks we’ve set up a new… Continue reading Triceratops NFT Trixie