Triceratops NFT Trixie

Meet our Triceratops Trixie - Dinosaur NFT Poster

We’ve just added the next dinosaur NFT to the base set of dinosaurs, a Triceratops! Our new Triceratops is named Trixie, and she’s the 8th dinosaur of the base collection. More on that later, but first a short update of the developments of the past week. Over the last weeks we’ve set up a new… Continue reading Triceratops NFT Trixie

Brachiosaurus NFTs

We’ve added two new dinosaurs to the base dinosaur collection today, our brachiosaurus NFTs. Meet our green brachiosaurus Buck and our red brachiosaurus Ruby. What are Brachiosaurus? Brachiosaurus are species of the sauropod dinosaurs. A brachiosaurus can be very tall. Some were over 20 meters (65 feet) long and almost 10 meters (33 feet) tall.… Continue reading Brachiosaurus NFTs

NFT Lottery: Purchase a Compsognathus and Win

Poster of our Compsognathus dinosaur NFTs. Purchase Aaron for $0.20 and win Naomi.

Today we want to introduce you to our very first Compsognathus dinosaur NFT lottery. We’ve minted 2 new dinosaurs: Aaron and Naomi. Aaron has been listed for sale for just $0.20. This is your chance to collect a cheap NFT and for an opportunity to win a legendary (❤️) NFT! For every purchase of Aaron… Continue reading NFT Lottery: Purchase a Compsognathus and Win

NFT Giveaway + Thunder, Pteranodon NFT

Evolution NFT Giveaway poster introducing Thunder, our Pteranodon

A few days ago we reached 1000 Twitter followers, and we want to thank you all again for joining us and your support towards Cryptosaurs. As a thank you and to celebrate our 1000 followers, we are launching another NFT giveaway! Thunder, our Pteranodon NFT Before we introduce you to our NFT giveaway, we want… Continue reading NFT Giveaway + Thunder, Pteranodon NFT

NFT Giveaway – Sheila and Sam

Sam and Sheila giveaway poster. Sam and Sheila are stegosaurus NFTs.

During the past week we gave away over 200 pieces of our first dinosaur NFT in more then one giveaway. Now it’s time for another giveaway, and it’s a big one! This time we give away 200 NFTs for free. So join our free drop and win your NFT! Our Free Dinosaur NFTs In this… Continue reading NFT Giveaway – Sheila and Sam