Storm of Colors – Free Mint

Storm of Colors AI generated NFTS
Storm of Colors AI generated NFTS

January 27th, is the date that we’ll launch our second free to mint collection, Storm of Colors. Storm of Colors is a collection of 20 AI (artificial intelligence) generated NFTS. 10000 people will be able to mint one or multiple of our storms for free. Interested? Then continue reading.

Storm of Colors NFT Collection

Storm of Colors is an NFT collection existing out of 10000 NFTS, all distributed via a free mint. In total there are 20 different storms that you can collect.

Different storms have different rarities. There are common, uncommon and rare Storms of Color. When you mint, there is a higher probability you’ll mint a common storm, then an uncommon storm. It’s least likely you’ll mint a rare storm.

Storm of Colors Rarities

There are 20 different storms available: 10 common ones, 5 uncommon and 5 rare storms. When you mint, there is an 80% chance to get a common storm, 15% chance to get an uncommon storm and 5% chance to get a rare storm.

Rarity# of Storms# of Different StormsSupply / Storm*ChanceChance / Storm
Common8,000 / 10,00010± 80080%8%
Uncommon1,500 / 10,0005± 30015%3%
Rare500 / 10,0005± 1005%1%
Rarity table with chances to mint the different storms

* Supply / storm is an estimate as the smart contract determines which storm (randomly) is assigned and they’re not picked upfront. Chances are there will be more/less storms of a certain number as from others, but this will only be visible after all are minted.

Common Storms of Color

When you mint a storm, the probability to get a common storm is 80%. In total there are 10 different common Storms of Color. So, there is an 8% chance to mint each of our common storms.

Storm of Colors NFT 1
Storm 1
Storm of Colors NFT 2
Storm 2
Storm of Colors NFT 3
Storm 3
Storm of Colors NFT 4
Storm 4
Storm of Colors NFT 5
Storm 5
Storm of Colors NFT 6
Storm 6
Storm of Colors NFT 7
Storm 7
Storm of Colors NFT 8
Storm 8
Storm of Colors NFT 9
Storm 9
Storm of Colors NFT 10
Storm 10

Uncommon Storm NFTS

During the mint, there is a 15% chance to get an uncommon storm. There are 5 different uncommon storms, so you have a 3% chance to get each of our uncommon storms.

Storm of Colors NFT 11
Storm 11
Storm of Colors NFT 12
Storm 12
Storm of Colors NFT 13
Storm 13
Storm of Colors NFT 14
Storm 14
Storm of Colors NFT 15
Storm 15

Rare Storm of Colors NFTS

And finally there are our rare storms. During the mint, there is only a 5% chance to get a rare storm. As there are 5 different rare storms, the chance to get each of our rare storms is 1% / storm. Only the lucky few will mint those.

Storm of Colors NFT 16
Storm 16
Storm of Colors NFT 17
Storm 17
Storm of Colors NFT 18
Storm 18
Storm of Colors NFT 19
Storm 19
Storm of Colors NFT 20
Storm 20

Minting a Storm of Colors NFT

Minting one or multiple of our Storm of Color NFTS will be possible as from January 27th 2022, 8 PM CET. Below you can find the minting details.

Minting details:

NFTS can be minted directly from our minting site.

Collection Information

All NFTS of the Storm of Colors collection are created by Unborn Crafts. If you like those NFTS, check out their collection Nightmare on NFT Street for AI generated 1/1 NFT nightmares.

Purchase NFTS on OpenSea

Missed the mint? Or want to get your hands on one of the storms you didn’t get when minting? Check Storm of Colors on OpenSea to get your favorite one.

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