Spinosaurus NFTs

What is a Spinosaurus?

Spinosaurus #6 - Slasho
Spinosaurus #6 – Slasho ♀️

Spinosaurs are dinosaurs as large as a T-rex 🦖, and one of the largest carnivores on land. Spinosaurus means ‘spine lizard’. The Spinosaurus is part of the spinosaurids family, one of the therapod dinosaurs.

The Spinosaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous period (about 100 million years ago), in North Africa. Scientists claim that Spinosaurs ate fish and hunted prey on land. They lived both on land and in water, similar to how crocodiles 🐊 live. Spinosaurus preferred humid environments as biome, such as mangroves.

If you want to learn more about those incredible dinosaurs, Wikipedia is a great place to start. They have a great article on the Spinosaurus.

Our Spinosaurus NFT Collection

All Spinosaurus NFTs are unique. Each of those Spinosaurs is only minted once. Whoever purchases it, will be the sole owner of the NFT. Nobody else will own the same Spinosaurus.

There will be 500 unique Spinosaurus NFTs created for this collection.

The first 100 Spinosaurs: Each NFT will be generated using a background, dinosaur and spine. Over 53,000 combinations are currently possible. The price will be 0.005 ETH.

In the future, we’ll add traits as well. Traits will be added starting from Spinosaurus #101. At this moment the price will also increase.

All our Spinosaurs are for sale in our store on OpenSea. To be the first to know about new drops, follow our socials: Twitter, Discord and Instagram.

Spinosaurus #9 - Razor-o-spike
Spinosaurus #9 – Razor-o-spike ♂️

Spinosaurus NFT Roadmap


20 Spinosaurus NFTs Sold – Early Adopters

We’ll organize a lottery for the current owners. Every owner will receive a free NFT.

  • 1 person will win Spinosaurus #21
  • 2 people will receive Buck
  • 3 people will win Sam
  • 3 people will receive Sheila
  • 11 people will receive Aaron


100 Spinosaurus NFTs Sold – Lottery

We organize another lottery for the owners of Spinosaurus NFTs:

  • 2 people will receive a free Spinosaurus NFT
  • 5 people will receive Thunder
  • 5 people will receive Buck
  • 5 people will receive Ruby
  • 10 people will receive Aaron


200 Spinosaurus NFTs Sold – Raptors

We’ll give away 2 free velociraptor NFTs to random owners of Spinosaurs.


350 Spinosaurus NFTs Sold – Lottery

We’ll do a 3rd lottery, with higher stakes. This time you can win:

  • 5 people will receive a free Spinosaurus NFT
  • 45 people will receive another NFT (one random dinosaur of the base collection)


All 500 Spinosaurus NFTs Sold – Free NFT for All Owners

All owners of a Spinosaurus will receive a free NFT. This will be a new NFT created solely for owners of Spinosaurus NFTs, so the only way to get it is by purchasing one of our Spinosaurus.


Spinosaurus NFTs

In our galleries below you can see all Spinosaurus NFTs that have been minted so far. The NFTs have been split into 5 pages of 100 NFTs a page.

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