Spinosaurus NFTs – Milestone 1

About a week ago we launched our Spinosaurus NFTs. The Spinosaurus NFTs will be a collection of 500 Spinosaurs that are generated using different backgrounds, bodies, spines and traits.

Out of over 50,000 possible combinations only 500 will be minted and sold. The first ones will have no traits and will be cheaper to buy. The later Spinosaurs will have different traits, increasing the amount of different combinations and increasing the uniqueness of the dinosaur.

To learn more about the Spinosaurus NFTs, check our dedicated page.

Roadmap Milestone 1 Met

For the Spinosaurus NFT collection there is a dedicated roadmap. At each stage met, a special event will be triggered. Today the first milestone was met: the first 20 Spinosaurus NFTs were sold. This means we’ll be sending out the awards to the early adopters!


20 Spinosaurus NFTs Sold – Early Adopters

We’ll organize a lottery for the current owners. Every owner will receive a free NFT.

  • 1 person will win Spinosaurus #21
  • 2 people will receive Buck
  • 3 people will win Sam
  • 3 people will receive Sheila
  • 11 people will receive Aaron

Thank you to everyone who purchased one of our Spinosaurs. If you didn’t buy a Spinosaurus yet, 480 more will come. Check our page on Spinosaurus and learn more about those dinosaurs and the next steps of the roadmap.

Winners of the Airdrop

Every owner of one of the first 20 Spinosaurus will receive a free NFT in this drop!

In order to determine who receives what, we’ve listed all owners of the current Spinosaurus NFTs in a spreadsheet. We’ve then assigned a random number to each one of those and ordered by the random number to get the winners.

The first one gets Spinosaurus #21, then Buck, Sam, Sheila and the rest gets Aaron. An overview of who won can be found here.

Rewards will be sent a.s.a.p. but currently gifting on OpenSea seems to be disabled. I’ll update the sheet once the rewards have been sent.

Thank you all for your support! We hope you like your dinosaurs!