Curious about our future plans? We still have plenty of ideas left to improve our collection over time. Discover what we have in store for our dinosaur NFT collection in our roadmap.

In our roadmap we focus on the next 6 months. Our long term goal is to have 1 game for every species of dinosaur. But as the crypto space is rapidly changing, so will we. Details for the second half of 2022 will be added later, and the community input will be very important here. So connect with us on our socials and help us build the future of Cryptosaurs together!


The History of Cryptosaurs



The Start of Cryptosaurs

✅ Create our first dinosaurs to be minted as NFTS
✅ Select OpenSea as marketplace for our NFTS as they allowed ERC1155 (semi fungible) on Polygon
✅ Create Twitter page



Expansion through Giveaways

✅ Expand project reach by doing lots of giveaways (Sam & Sheila, Thunder, Discor-Dino…)
✅ Create Discord & Instagram
✅ Create Velociraptors Collection – 100 unique hand drawn dinosaur NFTS
✅ Create Spinosaurus Collection – 500 generated dinosaur NFTS



Collaborations, Punks and Giveaways

✅ Start doing collaborations with other projects (Crypto Goonz, RetroCarts, The48px…)
✅ Optimize website – mobile use, speed, SEO and information
Guides section – inform users about NFT scams & tips
✅ Create Finns Punks – Dinosaur punk collection
✅ Huge Christmas giveaways – free to mint packages & lottery + Xmas punks

Our Future Plans – Roadmap

🔘 open – 🚧 work in progress – ✅ completed



Expansion and Smart Contracts

🚧 Create new dinosaurs for the dinosaur base set & Finns Punks
🚧 Create NFT collection on Tezos (check us on
✅ Create Emojional Dinosaurs – 1000 free to mint fully on chain NFTS
✅ Create Storm of Colors – 10.000 free to mint collectable AI generated art pieces
🔘 Create a 3rd free to mint collection – details TBA
🔘 Create YouTube channel
🔘 Investment guide – why people should invest in Cryptosaurs
🔘 Triceratops NFT breeding game – simple game to breed rare Triceratops dinosaurs
🔘 Collectable trading card game – mint and collect all 30 cards



NFT Games and Metaverse Museum

🔘 Create new dinosaurs for the base set
🚧 Metaverse Museum Of NFTS – OnCyber museum experience to exhibit Cryptosaurs and other NFTS
🔘 Stegosaurus game – shoot spiders and score points to win NFTS
🔘 Community input to draw roadmap for the rest of the year
🔘 Create voxel dinosaurs – 3D dinosaurs for Metaverse

Your opinion matters

Got an idea 💡 or think we could improve something? Don’t hesitate to contact us and share your feedback! We love the community input and we’ll even reward good ideas with free NFTS. Check our socials in the footer and get in touch!