NFT Giveaway – Sheila and Sam

Sam and Sheila stegosauruses
Sam and Sheila giveaway poster. Sam and Sheila are stegosaurus NFTs.

During the past week we gave away over 200 pieces of our first dinosaur NFT in more then one giveaway. Now it’s time for another giveaway, and it’s a big one! This time we give away 200 NFTs for free. So join our free drop and win your NFT!

Our Free Dinosaur NFTs

In this dinosaur NFT giveaway, we are giving away Sam and Sheila. 100 copies each will be gifted to the lucky winners of our competition. Details about that below.

Let’s first introduce you to Sam and Sheila. Sam and Sheila are Stegosauruses. Stegosauruses are herbivores that lived in the Late Jurassic era.

Stegosauruses have plates on their back and tail. The real purpose of those plates are under discussion, but scientists believe those on the tail were used as defense. The plates on the back of the dinosaurs could have been to keep the body warm or just for display.

Sam yellow stegosaurus

02 – Sam ♂️

Supply: 1000 (💛)

Sheila pink Stegosaurus

03 – Sheila ♀️

Supply: 1000 (💛)

NFT Giveaway Details

If you want to enter our 200 free NFT giveaway, there are some rules. Below you can find an overview of the tasks that need to be fulfilled in order to qualify for our giveaway.

The giveaway will run for 72 hours, after that new submissions will be closed and the winners will be selected. After that, rewards will be distributed in the days following the giveaway.

Sam and Sheila NFT giveaway poster
Sam and Sheila giveaway poster. Sam and Sheila are stegosaurus NFTs.

Dinosaur NFT Details

Our dinosaurs are ERC1155 tokens. ERC1155 is a quite new standard that has some advantages (beyond the scope here), but support is still not what it should be.

This means you’ll see your dinosaur NFTs in your OpenSea account and will be able to keep it there, sell it… But you won’t see it in Metamask yet. Metamask plans support for ERC1155 in Q4 2021.

Required Steps to Participate in our Giveaway

Joining our giveaway only takes a few minutes. Follow the steps below to qualify and participate in our giveaway.

  1. Follow our Twitter page:
  2. Like and retweet our pinned post about the giveaway
  3. Comment on our post with the following information:
    • Tag 3 friends
    • Pick your preference (Sam or Sheila)
    • Include your Polygon address (this will be used for reward distribution)
  4. Fill in our short questionnaire on Google forms. Use the anti-spam code: CS4NFT8

I wish you all good luck!