New NFT Drop: Wizard Raptors

Poster of our wizard Velociraptor NFTs
Poster of our wizard Velociraptor NFTs

In this NFT drop, we’re adding 4 NFTs to our raptor collection: our wizards! There is a dark magic mage, an energy wizard, an old wizard and an electricity mage. In total 15 out of the 100 velociraptors have been minted! Check our full velociraptor NFT collection for a full overview of all minted raptor NFTs.

Note that, all of the velociraptors will be unique (minted once). If you purchase it, you will be the sole owner of that NFT. A good opportunity to get your hands on a unique NFT piece of art!

Velociraptor NFT Drop

Our Wizard Raptors Kira, Violet, Spark and Blaze

Our next 4 raptors are wizards and mages. Meet our wizards below: Violet (dark magic) and Blaze (old wizard). Next to those wizard raptors, we also introduce you to our 2 mages: Kira (energy) and Spark (electricity).

Violet, dark magic wizard velociraptor NFT

42 – Violet ♀️

Supply: 1 (🖤)

Kira, energy wizard velociraptor NFT

43 – Kira ♀️

Supply: 1 (🖤)

Blaze, an old wizard velociraptor NFT

44 – Blaze ♂️

Supply: 1 (🖤)

Spark, electricity wizard velociraptor NFT

45 – Spark ♂️

Supply: 1 (🖤)


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Purchasing our Raptor NFTs

If you’re interested in purchasing one of our raptors, they’ve been put on sale in our store on OpenSea. The price will be 0.035 ETH for Kira, Blaze and Spark and 0.040 ETH for Violet.

The price of our raptors is calculated as follows: 0.025 ETH base price for the raptor + 0.005 ETH for each trait the raptor has.

Poster of our wizard Velociraptor NFTs
Poster of our wizard Velociraptor NFTs

📝 Note: All of our NFTs have 5% royalties. This means that on each transaction that’s made, 5% of the proceeds go back to our account. Those royalty fees will be used to pay for our expenses (domain, website, SSL certificate…).

NFT Drop on Polygon (no Gas)

Our NFTs are minted on OpenSea. They’re on the Polygon blockchain, this means there won’t be any gas fee that needs to be paid when purchasing them.