Free to Mint NFTS

At Cryptosaurs we believe NFTS should be available to everyone. That’s why we frequently create free to mint NFTS collections. Those free mints will give an opportunity to everyone to step in to the NFT game at a low cost.

When minting, you do need to pay for the gas. Most of our collections are on Polygon, to keep the gas fees low. The average gas cost for minting is around $0.05 / mint (depending on the load on the Polygon network).

We’ll be adding more free to mint NFT collections later. Cryptosaurs will give away 100.000 free NFTS in 2022, so stay tuned! For a full overview of our NFTS, check our dinosaur NFTS page.


Upcoming Free to Mint NFTS

Below you can find our upcoming free NFT collections. We’ll continue to add new ones throughout the year as we pledge to give away 100.000 free mints!

To give an overview that’s as complete as possible, we’ve also listed some partners that offer a free to mint collection. Always do your own research before minting and use a burner wallet address to mint safely.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page, so you won’t miss a drop.

Mystery Forest free to mint NFTS

Mystery Forest

Collaboration with free to mint NFTS. ERC1155 contract. Collect all 30 different forest NFTS.

🗓️ July 2022

Snowy Scapes AI landscape free to mint NFTS

Snowy Scapes

AI transformation of a snowy landscape photograph. Collect the 25 different photo transformations.

🗓️ August 2022

Doodle Eggs mint for 0.3 MATIC

Doodle Eggs

Mint a doodle egg for 0.3 MATIC ($0.20). Doodle eggs are 1/1 NFTS that will serve as whitelist ticket for the doodle dinos mint.


Doodle Dinos promo banner NFT

Doodle Dinos Promo

Mint a free promo banner, use as Twitter profile banner and win free NFTS.

🗓️ October 2022


Past Free to Mint NFT Collections

An overview of freely minted collections of the past. Our upcoming mints will be moved to this section after they’ve expired or are fully minted. Thank you to everyone who joined our collections!

The Jellyfish Society NFTS free to mint

The Jellyfish Society

9999 free to mint pixel Jellyfish profile pictures. Mint your own jellyfish for free. Project not runned by Cryptosaurs.

🗓️ June 2nd 2022, 2 AM CET

The Shadow Void

The Shadow Void

Collaboration project with 15000 free NFTS. ERC1155 token contract with 50 different designs.

🗓️ Feb 20th 2022, 11 AM CET

Storm of Colors AI generated NFTS

Storm of Colors

Collaboration with Unborn Crafts. AI generated NFT collection. 10000 free to mint NFTS. Collect all 20 different ones.

🗓️ Jan 27th 2022, 8 PM CET

Polypixel Clan NFT

Polypixel Clan

Partner project with 6000 free to mint NFTS. Each clan member is unique, with nearly 80 billion possible combinations.

🗓️ Jan 23rd 2022, 1 PM GMT

Emojional Dinosaur 1 - fully On Chain NFT

Emojional Dinosaurs

Collection of 1000 fully on-chain NFTS. Metadata + image are stored on the Polygon blockchain.

🗓️ Jan 9th 2022, 10 AM CET

Christmas Present minted for free

Christmas Presents

6000 free to mint Christmas Presents that are lottery tickets to win even more free NFTS.

🗓️ Dec 25th 2021, 10 AM CET