Free to Mint NFTS – Christmas Presents

Christmas Present NFT 1

Christmas is coming soon, and we want to celebrate this with the biggest giveaway to date, 6000 free to mint NFTS available to all of you! And that’s not all, each of the free NFTS enters you into a lottery to win even more free NFTS! So it’s free Christmas NFTS with a chance for more free stuff. Sounds good right? If so, continue reading!

If you’re interested in more, check our free to mint NFTS! We have a lot more coming up in 2022!

NFT Journey in 2021

It has been an amazing year for us here at Cryptosaurs. We launched Cryptosaurs dinosaur NFTS in June of 2021 and Finns Punks, our own punks collection, in October of 2021. It’s been an amazing journey, that wouldn’t have been possible at all without the support of our great community!

That’s why we decided that this year we want to give something back to the NFT community. We’ve come up with a new collection of 6000 Christmas Present NFTS, that are available for free to every single user. More details below.

Christmas Present NFT 1
Christmas Present NFT 2
Christmas Present NFT 3
Christmas Present NFT 4

In the pictures above you see some of our example present NFTS that will be available and free to mint to everyone. No whitelist, no restrictions.

Free to Mint Christmas Present NFTS

In collaboration with The48px we’ve created a web app where every user can mint free Christmas Presents. Each of those Christmas presents will count as a lottery ticket to win one of the many available rewards for holding / hodling one of the available present NFTS.

In total 6000 Christmas Presents will be available. To keep it fair and give everyone who’s interested a chance to win, you can mint up to 3 NFTS per wallet. Minting will be possible until Christmas Day (December 25th, 2021). After that no more Christmas presents can be minted.


How to Mint Your Free Christmas Presents?

Christmas Present NFT 1
An example of a Christmas Present that you can mint for free

All Christmas present NFTS will be free to mint, but you’ll have to pay the gas fees. Minting is done on the Polygon blockchain to keep the gas fees low.

Typical gas fees on Polygon are around 0.002 MATIC (< $0.01). Minting the 3 present NFTS should cost you less then $0.05.

Sounds good? Head over to our minting site and mint your free NFTS now. Minting will be possible as from November 13th 2021, 10 AM CET. Minting will close on December 25th or when all 6000 presents are minted.

Where can I see my Present NFTS?

Christmas presents are ERC721 tokens. You’ll be able to see your Christmas presents on Polygonscan and in your wallet on OpenSea.

If you want to buy, sell or trade your present boxes, you can do that on OpenSea. Check the Christmas Presents OpenSea collection for that.

A quick note on trading presents. For the lottery of the free NFTS that we’ll hand out to present owners, it will be the owner of the present on the day of the reward that will receive the free NFT (if that present number won). If you decide to sell your present NFT, please keep in mind that you won’t be eligible for the lottery. On the other hand, buying present NFTS can increase your chances on winning!


NFT Lottery – More Free NFTS

As mentioned early, the Christmas presents aren’t just NFTS without purpose! They do have utility. Each and every present is a lottery ticket to win free NFTS. That’s right, your free NFTS, give you a chance to win more free NFTS! Pretty amazing, right?

On December 26th, we’ll take a snapshot of the current holders of the Christmas Presents. For each of the available NFTS that you can win, we’ll pick random Christmas Present numbers between 1 and the max amount that’s minted. This is maximum 6000, but if e.g. 4731 are minted, we’ll use 4731. The person holding the Christmas Present with the corresponding number will win.

The list of winners will be published on the Cryptosaurs website and shared on our socials. To be eligible to get the free drop, please keep the present NFT in your wallet until you received the free NFT you might have won. Make sure to check us again after Christmas to see if you won a free NFT or not.

Disclaimer: The owner of the collection will transfer the NFT you won to you. Cryptosaurs and The48px are not responsible and will not follow up on the transfers of NFTS of 3rd party NFTS. If you have any issue, please contact the collection owner directly.

Which NFTS Can You Win in our Lottery?

We’ve partnered with other NFT creators to get a large amount of NFTS that we’ll be handing out. Below you can see the NFTS that are currently available to be won, but we hope to be adding more before we draw the winners.

Santa Finn Christmas Dinosaur NFT
100x Santa Finn by Cryptosaurs
Finns Punks gif
10x Finns Punks by Cryptosaurs

Matic Pirates NFT by The48px
70x Matic Pirates by The48px

The48pxdogs NFTS
20x Dogs by The48px
The48px leaves NFTS
10x Leaves by The48px
Crypto Goonz Christmas Stan
50x Christmas Stan by Crypto Goonz

Crypto Goonz Christmas Stacey
50x Christmas Stacy by Crypto Goonz
Question Mark

Who is The48px?

As we mentioned earlier, we teamed up for this drop with The48px and GreenFinch. They’re the creators of different NFT projects on the Polygon blockchain, the MaticPirates, The48pxDogs and The48pxLeaves.

MaticPirates is my favorite out of their collection, it’s a collection of 15.000 pirate NFTS that can be minted on their website for just 1 MATIC. Each of the NFTS has different traits and a rarity system is applied, so each mint can get you a rare one! Some example pirates are shown in the picture.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out the website of our partner The48px.

Matic Pirates NFT by The48px
MaticPirates NFT by The48px

Good Luck to You All!

That’s all that we needed to tell you. If you have any questions, reach out to us through our socials (links in footer). We wish you all good luck and may our presents bring you in Christmas spirit! And remember, it’s never too early to start celebrating Christmas!

NFT Lottery Winners

Update December 26th: We’ve picked the winners of our free Christmas Present mint. In this list you can see if you won and what you won.

The NFTS will be sent out by the collection owners in the coming days. For questions or if you didn’t receive your NFT in a few days, please contact the collection owner. Below you can find the Twitter links to the different collections.

More Free to Mint NFTS Coming

If you’re not in the list, it means you didn’t win this time. But there is a lot more coming in 2022. We’ve planned at least 3 more free to mint NFT collections. So stay tuned for a lot more to come. For more information, check our roadmap.