Free NFT on (Tezos)

Stegosaurus Nacho
Stegosaurus Nacho - Free NFT on (Tezos)

A few days ago we introduces you to our NFT collection on Tezos marketplace Our collection there, Stegos, focusses on offering cheap NFTS to everyone. And we got a free NFT to give away today. So join our NFT giveaway and claim one (or multiple) for free!

Why We Joined Tezos?

Recently OpenSea has made quite a lot of changes. At some point they limited creators to 50 NFTS. This blocked us from adding new NFTS to Cryptosaurs. But they quickly reversed that. So that issue is no longer there. More recently though, they introduced a $5 minimum listing fee. A change we’re not too happy about.

At Cryptosaurs we want to focus on affordable NFTS. NFTS that are accessible to everyone, at a low cost! The $5 minimum listing fee is not in line with that. So we decided to start a secondary collection on, our preferred NFT marketplace on Tezos.

Of course Cryptosaurs aren’t going anywhere on OpenSea and we’ll continue to sell and create pixel dinosaurs! NFT Collection

We decided to create our collection on the Tezos NFT marketplace Objkt allows artists to create their own collection and NFTS, similar to how it’s done on OpenSea. So it’s a perfect choice to start our Tezos journey.

The nice thing though, is that on, each collection has his own smart contract. So it’s completely separate. Our new collection is called Stegos.

Free Tezos NFT Giveaway

To celebrate our launch on Tezos, we’re giving away our first stegosaurus for free. Meet Nacho! Nacho is our first baby Stegosaurus. Nacho is now 4 weeks old and likes to play with leaves and branches.

If you want to get one of our Nacho NFTS, then head over to objkt and claim your free NFT! But be quick! The remaining supply will be burned on Friday, May 13th.

Stegosaurus Nacho
Stegosaurus Nacho – Free NFT on (Tezos)