Finns Punks Roadmap – Dinosaur Version

Finn Punk 45 remade as dinosaur

For our dinosaur punk collection, Finns Punks, we decided to not just have 1 roadmap, but 3. The first milestone of our roadmap based on the number of owners has been met (already for a couple of weeks to be honest), so it’s time to pick a winner.

100 Punks Sold Milestone

A few weeks ago we hit our very first milestone for the roadmaps of Finns Punks. Our initial offer of 100 punks were all sold out. Meanwhile we’re at 113 punks sold, putting the floor price of the collection at 0.003 ETH (just 1 left for that price).

This means it’s time to pick our winner for the first milestone of our roadmap based on number of punks sold:


We’ll pick 1 random owner. This person will receive a full dinosaur remake of his punk, added to the Cryptosaurs collection on OpenSea. The owner is free to keep this dinosaur NFT or sell it.

Who Won a Full Dinosaur Remake?

We used Googles random number picker to pick a random number between 1 and 100. The owner of the punk with that number will receive a full dinosaur remake of his/her Finn Punk, in the Cryptosaurs collection.

And the winner is… 45! 45 is the number that came out of our lottery. Congratulations to the owner!

45 – the winning number for our first full dinosaur remake

Full Dinosaur of Finn Punk 45

We created the full dinosaur version of the Finn Punk #45 and airdropped the dinosaur to the owner of the punk with the same number. Curious how they look like? Check below.

Finn Punk 45
Finn Punk #45
Punk Finn 45
Punk Finn #1 – remake of Finn Punk #45

Congratulations again to the owner of the punk for winning! Let’s reach one of the next milestones: 200 punks sold, 100 owners or 1 ETH traded volume!