Finns Christmas Punks

Christmas Punk NFTS
Finns Christmas Punk #15

It’s almost Christmas time 🎄 and we decided to create some NFTS in the holiday spirit! Finns Christmas Punks, NFTS of our dinosaur Finn, is a Christmas dinosaur NFTS collection. The primary goal of the collection is to say thank you to all of you. Thank you everyone for your amazing support throughout the year!

Finns Christmas Punks NFTS

Finns Christmas Punks is a collection of 175 NFTS in Xmas spirit. Each of our punks will be a dinosaur wearing a Santa hat 🎅. Some example of our Christmas Punks below.

Christmas dinosaur NFT
Finns Christmas Punk #1
Finns Christmas Punk
Finns Christmas Punk #2
Christmas Punk NFTS
Finns Christmas Punk #15
Rare Finns Punks NFT
Finns Christmas Punk #26

The Christmas NFTS have different attributes that determine the rarity of the Punks. There will be 4 different traits for our NFTS:

  • Background: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Purple and Brown
  • Dinosaur: Finn, Discor-Dino and Blackfinn*
  • Glasses: None, Black, Red and Blue*
  • Hat: Purple, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Orange* and Black*

(*) rare trait

Airdrop to Owners of our NFTS

All owners of Finns Punks, our Spinosaurus collection and our Velociraptor NFTS will receive a free Christmas Punk. The punks to the owners of Finns Punks and the velociraptors have already been sent. The punks for the Spinosaurus owners will be sent out shortly.

Daily Christmas NFTS Giveaways on Twitter

As the collections main focus is to say thank you, we have a daily giveaway on Twitter. Every day you just have to comment on our Tweet why you want to have the punk of the day and we drop the punk to the person who can convince us!

If you want to get a Finns Xmas Punk NFT as well, head over to our Twitter @DinosaurNFTS and get one!

Finns Christmas Punks on OpenSea

Check out our collection and get one of our Christmas NFTS. Head over to Finns Christmas Punks on OpenSea to explore our punks and find one that you like!

If there is any questions on our collection, reach out to us on our socials. We’re here to answer your questions!