Our Dinosaur NFTS

The Cryptosaurs (crypto dinosaurs) collection has a wide variety of dinosaur NFTS. To keep a clear overview, we’ve split our Cryptosaurs into different categories. Below you can find an overview of all the Cryptosaurs we have.

Some dinosaurs will be unique and others will have higher mint counts. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn about the scarcity levels we use for our collection.

If you’re interested in a collection focused solely on unique NFTS, check out our second collection, Finns Punks. Finns Punks is a collection aiming to create 10.000 unique NFT dinosaur punks.


Cryptosaurs – Dinosaur NFTS

All of the dinosaurs listed below are available from the Cryptosaurs1 collection on OpenSea. So head over there if you want to buy one!

Finn green dinosaur

Dinosaur NFTs base set – Collect all 30 dinosaurs

Check our dinosaur NFTs base set

Ace green Velociraptor

Velociraptor NFTs – 100 uniquely minted raptor NFTs

Check our Velociraptor NFTs

Matt, green Stegosaurus NFT saying Hi!

Special Dinosaurs – Special occasion dinosaur NFTs

Check our Special Dinosaur NFTs

Spinosaurus #6 - Slasho

Spinosaurs – Collection of 500 generated Spinosaurus NFTs

Check our Spinosaurus NFTs

Rocky, boxing Compsognathus dinosaur

Compsognathus NFTS – Collection of 20 cheap compies

Check our Compsognathus NFTs

Orange stegosaurus thinking about candy

Seasonal – Dinosaurs released for special occasions, such as Halloween

Check our Seasonal Dinosaurs


Cryptosaurs NFT Scarcity

Each of our Cryptosaurs will be minted a certain amount of times. This number is determined upfront and is visible on our website and on our OpenSea collection. The heart icon next to the dinosaur NFTs will indicate the rarity/scarcity of the Cryptosaur.

Rarity LevelMax Minted NFT’sIconColor
Common> 10.000🤍Silver
Table indicating the scarcity of our dinosaurs