Christmas NFTS

A dinosaur with a present standing in front of a Christmas tree NFTS
Free Christmas Dinosaur NFTS on Showtime

Over the past few days we’ve dropped a lot of Christmas NFTS. Also last year we created some Christmas NFT drops. In this post we want to give you an overview of all our Xmas NFTS. Our Christmas NFTS are minted on the Polygon or Tezos blockchain.

If you feel like collecting one of our themed NFTS, the links are also available by clicking on each drop.

Christmas NFT Drops 2022

A dinosaur with a present standing in front of a Christmas tree NFTS
Free Christmas Dinosaur NFTS on Showtime

Free Christmas NFTS on Showtime (Polygon)

The dinosaur NFT on the left is one of our many free Xmas drops on the Polygon giveaway platform Showtime. All of our Christmas drops are NFTS generated using artificial intelligence. The images are generated using a text prompt that’s generating a computer generated image of what’s described. The technology can create some really great works.

Showtime allows artists to create a free NFT drop that limits collecting to 1 NFT per user. So it’s a great tool for giveaways as you can force a fair distribution. We’ll be giving away more NFTS on Showtime in the future, so make sure to follow us on Showtime!

Joelle the Christmas stegosaurus dinosaur NFT
Joelle is so ready for Christmas 🎅

Santa Stegosaurus Joelle (Tezos NFT)

Joelle is one of our Stegosaurus NFTS that is added to the Stegos collection on Tezos. The NFT is a digital drawing created in Procreate. Joelle is ready to celebrate Christmas, and we hope you are too.

Our Stegos collection features different drawings of Stegosaurus, and is minted on the Tezos blockchain. If you’re interested to have a look, check our collection on and check out our Santa Dinosaur Joelle. Many of our dinosaurs are even available for free, so don’t forget to check our collection!

A dinosaur drawing on a sketchpad, generated using AI
Dinosaur drawing on a sketchpad

Xtzmas – AI Christmas Dinosaur NFTS (Tezos)

Our second collection on Tezos is xtzmas (pun for xtz Christmas, XTZ = crypto coin of the Tezos blockchain). Xtzmas is a collection fully dedicated to Christmas NFT drops.

Check our collection xtzmas on objkt. The floor price is 0.05 XTZ ($0.04) at the time of writing, and unique (1 of 1) pieces are available as from 5 XTZ (around $4).

All images in this collection are generated using Midjourney AI.

Christmas NFTS 2021

Finns Christmas Punks
Finns Christmas Punk #15

Finns Christmas Punks (Polygon)

Our collection Finns Christmas Punks is created in 2021, featuring 175 Xmas punk dinosaurs. The punks were created by combining different colors of background, dinosaurs, sunglasses and Santa hats.

Most punks were airdropped to holders of Finns Punks NFTS or to holders of Spinosaurus and Velociraptors of the Cryptosaurs main collection. The other punks were given away on our Twitter page, in a daily giveaway.

If you want to get your hands on one of our Christmas punks, head over to OpenSea and grab one now. The current floor price is 0.0035 ETH ($4.25 at the time of writing).

Santa Finn Dinosaur
Finns Christmas Punk #15

Santa Finn (Polygon)

Santa Finn is the Christmas version of our very first dinosaur Finn. Finn and Santa Finn are both part of the Cryptosaurs main dinosaur NFTS collection.

Our Christmas dinosaur Santa Finn was minted 150 times and most of the copies were given away during our Xmas Presents event in December 2021. Santa Finn is available in the secondary market on OpenSea.

At the time of writing, Santa Finn is available for 24 MATIC ($19).