Pride NFTS – Support Pride Month

Mina is our pride stegosaurus. It's our 2022 tribute to pride month. The name comes from the Japanese word Mina, which means all or everything.

June is pride month, and we want to show our support by releasing our very first pride NFTS. There will be 2 pride NFTS added to our Stegosaurus NFT collection on Tezos. The first one will be available for free to everyone, and the second one will be given away in a huge giveaway on… Continue reading Pride NFTS – Support Pride Month

Free NFT on (Tezos)

Stegosaurus Nacho - Free NFT on (Tezos)

A few days ago we introduces you to our NFT collection on Tezos marketplace Our collection there, Stegos, focusses on offering cheap NFTS to everyone. And we got a free NFT to give away today. So join our NFT giveaway and claim one (or multiple) for free! Why We Joined Tezos? Recently OpenSea has… Continue reading Free NFT on (Tezos)

#tezos4tezos NFTS – Stegosaurus Arlo

Stegosaurus Arlo with Balloon - Submission for Tezos4Tezos event

In the past few months OpenSea made quite a lot of changes. We are not happy with all of those changes. An example is the minimal listing fee of $5. A change we’re not too happy about, as we want to keep our focus on cheap and affordable NFTS. NFTS available to everyone. Tezos is… Continue reading #tezos4tezos NFTS – Stegosaurus Arlo