Brachiosaurus NFTs

We’ve added two new dinosaurs to the base dinosaur collection today, our brachiosaurus NFTs. Meet our green brachiosaurus Buck and our red brachiosaurus Ruby.

What are Brachiosaurus?

Brachiosaurus are species of the sauropod dinosaurs. A brachiosaurus can be very tall. Some were over 20 meters (65 feet) long and almost 10 meters (33 feet) tall.

Brachiosaurus size relative to the size of a human
Size of a brachiosaurus compared to a human – source: Wikipedia

The brachiosaurus lived during the Late Jurassic era, in North America.

If you want to learn more about the brachiosaurus, a great place to start your discovery is the article on Wikipedia. There is a lot of information there, on the discovery, size…

Brachiosaurus NFT Drop

Meet the next 2 dinosaurs of the base NFT set below. Their names are Buck and Ruby, and both are a brachiosaurus.

Buck has been minted 250 times and Ruby has been minted 100 times. Both are now available for purchase in our store on OpenSea.

Buck the green Brachiosaurus

006 – Buck ♂️

Supply: 250 (πŸ’›)

Ruby the red Brachiosaurus

007 – Ruby ♀️

Supply: 100 (πŸ’™)

Both Buck and Ruby are members of our base dinosaur NFT collection. The base dinosaur NFT collection is a collection of 30 dinosaur NFTs that are affordable for everyone to collect.

For a full overview of the base dinosaurs, check out our dedicated page. This page lists all dinosaurs, species, names, minting counts, rarity…

Buying our Brachiosaurus NFTs

If you’re interested in adding a brachiosaurus dinosaur NFT to your collection, check ourΒ store on OpenSea. You can also find all other dinosaurs there.

Buck and Ruby our Brachiosaurus NFTs
Buck and Ruby our Brachiosaurus NFTs