Baby Stegosaurus NFTS

Below you can find the first 30 NFTS of Stegos, our stegosaurus NFT collection on Tezos. For the full collection overview, check our collection info.

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Stegosaurus Nacho
#1 Nacho – Our first baby Stegosaurus. Nacho is now 4 weeks old and likes to play with leaves and branches. Free drop to celebrate launch.
Stegosaurus Arlo with Balloon
# 2 Arlo – Arlo is still young and likes to play. He just got a new balloon and is walking around with the balloon. Submission for Tezos4Tezos event.
Stegosaurus nr 3 - Bones
#3 Bones – Bones seems like a very sweet, young dinosaur, but he has a dark side. Do you see his dark side? Fear4tez event submission, free to claim.
Lilly Hawaii stegosaurus
#4 Lilly – Little baby girl that’s craaaaazy about flowers. Lilly is a baby stegosaurus and when she’s grown up, she’d love to visit Hawaii!
Ethosaurus stegosaurus NFT that loves Ethereum
#5 Ethosaurus – Our little dinosaur just loves Ethereum! Ethosaurus was first released as a pixel dinosaur in the Cryptosaurs collection on OpenSea.
Hailey free NFT on Tezos
#6 Hailey – Hailey is a cute baby stegosaurus. Hailey is an adorable baby stegosaur. She’s just so cute that she’s loved by all other dinosaurs! Free to claim.
Buck army stegosaurus NFT on Tezos
#7 Buck – Buck loves to play as a soldier. When Buck grows up, he wants to join the army and defend all dinosaurs!
Hiroki, Japanese samurai dinosaur
#8 Hiroki – Baby stegosaurus that loves to become a Japanese samurai. He’s been dressing up as a samurai all year. Submission for the #TezosJaponica event.
Mina pride unicorn rainbow stegosaurus dinosaur
#9 Mina – Our pride stegosaurus. Our 2022 tribute to pride month. The name comes from the Japanese word Mina, which means everything. Free to claim.
Rosy pink unicorn dinosaurus
#10 Rosy – 2nd pride stegosaurus and can be won by claiming a free Mina stegosaurus and joining our Twitter giveaway. It’s our 2022 tribute to pride month.
Maya baby stegosaurus
#11 Maya – Our newborn baby girl! Isn’t she the cutest baby stegosaurus ever? Just a few days old, but so adorable!
Todd stegosaurus nfts
#12 Todd – Newborn baby boy 👶! He’s 4 days old now and he still sleeps a lot. He likes to chew on his pacifier, but he’s really tired now… Bedtime!
Baby stegosaurus NFT on the beach with a ball
#13 Jake – Summer time! And stegosaurus Jake is so ready for it! He just got some lovely shades as a present from his mom. Being the coolest dinosaur of the pack, he loves to play with his ball on the beach.
Dinosaur watching the sunset
#14 Chrissy – Our baby stegosaurus Chrissy walked to the lake to watch the sunrise between the palm trees and the birds. Such a joy!
Dinosaur on the beach with a surf board
#15 Hoff – Ready for the summer season. Sunglasses, check. Surf board, check. Beautiful weather, check. What more does he need? Submission for 1of1 Tezos.
Wizard dinosaur Harry Potter
#16 Harry – Someone tried to kill our poor stegosaurus Harry when he was just a few weeks old. He still has a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt on his head. But now he’s all better and wants to become a wizard 🧙! Expecto Patronum!
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