100.000 Free NFTS in 2022

100.000 free nfts in 2022
Our pledge for 2022: 100.000 free NFTS

In 2021 Cryptosaurs was born and a lot of NFTS were handed our for free to get more community awareness for our project. We create dinosaur NFTS and we want to make NFTS accessible and fun to collect to lots of people by making them affordable. That’s why we host lots of giveaways and sell most NFTS for just a few dollars or even cents.

Free NFTS in 2022 – Our Pledge

In 2021 we hosted lots of giveaways, but in 2022 we will take this a step further. We will continue to hand out NFTS for free and we’re working on smart contracts to provide free to mint collections to our community.

100.000 free nfts in 2022
Our pledge for 2022: 100.000 free NFTS

For 2022 we are planning to work together with different artists to make available 100.000 free NFTS to everyone who wants to get involved.

Roadmap for Q1 2022

We’ve just added our roadmap to our website. As you can see, in Q1 we will be focusing a lot on expanding our community and onboard as many new users as possible. This will be done through a series of free-to-mint NFT collections as well as expanded socials.



Expansion and Smart Contracts

New dinosaurs for the dinosaur base set & Finns Punks
Emojional Dinosaurs – 1000 free to mint fully on-chain NFTS
Storm of Colors – 10.000 free to mint collectable AI generated art pieces
3rd free to mint collection – details TBA
Create YouTube channel
Investment guide – why people should invest in Cryptosaurs
Triceratops NFT breeding game – simple game to breed rare Triceratops dinosaurs
Collectable trading card game – mint and collect all 30 cards

If you want to check our full plans, head over to our roadmap page.

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Don’t want to miss any of our free drops? Follow us on Twitter, Discord and Instagram to be the first to know when a new free to mint collection is coming up! A first one is coming in early January, so stay tuned for more details.

Want to get involved? Pick up one of our NFTS from Cryptosaurs or Finns Punks. Purchasing one of our NFTS is a great support towards our team and artists and supports us in paying our costs and future developments. If you do pick something up, reach out to us on our socials for a shoutout!